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Intermedix delivers technology-enabled services and software solutions to healthcare providers, government agencies and corporations. We utilize data analytics to support approximately 15,000 healthcare providers with practice management and revenue cycle management services. We take pride in serving our clients with extensive industry expertise and exceptional technology to back it up.

Our mission is to serve those who save lives. We accomplish this mission by building trusted partnerships with our clients, placing an organizational focus on compliance and security, and fostering continuous workforce innovation. Intermedix rewards innovation and hard work with opportunities for growth and development.

R1 is a leading provider of revenue cycle management services and Physician Advisory Services to healthcare providers.  We are the largest independent end-to-end revenue cycle provider and have the longest operating history in the revenue cycle industry.  R1’s objective is to be the one trusted partner to manage revenue so providers and patients can focus on what matters most.  Our distinctive operating model and values includes people, processes, and sophisticated integrated technology/analytics that help customers realize sustainable improvements in their operating margins and improve the satisfaction of their patients, physicians, and staff.  We are dedicated to transforming the commercial infrastructure and patient experience in healthcare. 

If you are looking for a career to join an organization that is a leader in health and safety then Intermedix may be just the place for you. We currently have an opening for:

Senior Software Engineer

Position Summary

Senior Software Engineer will work with an agile team to design, implement and support several Intermedix products including a mature Java/.NET/PHP application that is distributed as software as a service. Application integrates with numerous internal and external applications and data sources. Senior Software Engineer will collaborate with business analysts and quality assurance roles to design, estimate, plan and deliver new features and support of existing functionality.

In addition to development, there will be leadership, software design, refactoring challenges that require flexible and positive attitude, attention to details, problem solving skills, creativity and patience.

We expect candidate has a solid experience and knowledge in web application technology stack (PHP, Java or .NET). Candidate will be given hard tasks and often get design responsibilities. Candidate works independently because he (or she) has a proven track record of delivering good solutions. They are expected to mentor Junior and Mid-level employees. Often they are amazing troubleshooters. They have run into those same problems before and have a very good idea of where to look first. Seniors often mentor outside the workplace as well. They generally have at least 10 years of experience. They know how to deliver a working product and meet a deadline. They know what corners can be cut and what corners should never be cut. They have seen a lot of "hot new technologies" hit the workplace and disappear, so they tend to be a bit more conservative about jumping on the bandwagon for the next exciting new development tool. They understand their job is to deliver working software that does what the users need. They know they need more than programming knowledge and are good at getting knowledge about the business domain they support as well.



  • Follow Agile development practice. Participate in recurring meetings, including release planning, sprint planning, daily scrums, sprint reviews and retrospectives and effectively communicate your development status, blockers, plans, designs, concerns, needs and ideas. Participate in retrospectives ready to discuss what was successful about the project or time period covered by that retrospective, what could be improved, and how to incorporate the successes and improvements in future iterations.

  • Lead Features or Technical enabler implementations.

  • Document product details, processes, and practices in Confluence or JIRA.

  • Mentor and coach younger team members.

  • Develop software products such that road map features are delivered with high quality consistent with agreed upon product road map.

  • Design effective, efficient and reusable technical solutions. Keeping consistency of existing solutions. Evaluate and find the right design for the product within required scope and complexity.

  • Make decisions in cross-cutting concerns such as security, performance, scalability, maintainability and supportability. Discuss, evaluate and confirm implementation path.

  • Review detected places worth refactoring. Discuss, evaluate and confirm implementation path.

  • Follow documented coding standards and CPR (Code Peer Review) process. Perform detailed review of implementation and code quality, impacted areas of the system or product quality metrics (scalability, performance, security, other).

  • Create Unit, Integration or other required tests that cover business critical parts of the system.

  • Become knowledgeable about the domain of the product – how it is used, who it is used by, standards related to its use.

  • Review and estimate tasks.

    Required Skills and Competences

  • Results oriented approach.

  • Positive attitude.

  • Experience working with and refactoring legacy code.

  • Be familiar with LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).

  • Be familiar with Java or .NET technology stack.

  • Experience with Object-Oriented Development and application of design patterns.

  • Experience developing scalable web applications, including database design and implementation expertise.

  • Experience in DB design and query optimization.

  • Experience with Linux OS – setting up environment, applications and effective configuration.

  • Familiarity with Agile methodologies.

  • Experience with GIT version control.

  • At least 4 years of experience deploying solutions to production environment.

  • Attention to detail, personal initiative, and commitment to quality.

    Preferred Experience

  • 5-10 years of experience in Software Development.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or equivalent experience.

  • Zend Certified PHP Engineer certificate would be an advantage.

  • Experience with Zend Framework (1, 2) would be an advantage.

  • Experience with TDD or BDD.

  • Moving PHP applications to the Cloud infrastructure experience.

  • Team lead experience and skills.

  • Experience setting up and configuring continuous integration (CI) tools.

  • Health care software engineering experience would be a benefit.